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    TOPS Malibu by Judy Walker 

    I never question where my instinct and passion takes me.  

    This is how TOPS Malibu was born.

    In the 1980' my husband and I started TOPS Gallery in Malibu- a gallery of unusual functional art.

    We brought in functional art from friends in Taos and the Pacific NW.

    We had instant success with our quirky artist made product and lively VIP entertainment industry  customers. 

    Word spread. We introduced the sterling silver Bubbler necklace which Madonna blew at her concerts and Larry Hagman shared bubbles (instead of smoke) on Johnny Carson.

    I wished to design my own product however.

    The fleeting thought came in the bathtub -a candle with a fortune capsule with message, charms and gems hidden inside the candle. And I named them Good Fortune Candles®

     Good Fortune Candles® became an instant success, picked up by Henri Bendel NY and Neiman Marcus. They had so many elements: Intrigue, naughtiness (playing with candle wax), finding fortune and surprise.

    All fortunes pertained to following your intuition – following your inner path and watch the wonderful doors that open for you. 

    I loved hearing my customers’ stories.

    A woman who was estranged from her sister wrote me with gratitude how the experience of the candle and the message inside brought them together.

    I had designed a surprising, memorable experience. Very exciting! 

    I designed a secondary line for Target and succeeded at filling their orders. This taught me that TOPS could be a big business.  

    Trends fade and the concept was copied in China by many. 

    We continued to always make our product in the USA.

    I had to come up with a new experience to make memories. 

    Surprise balls! - Unwind multicolor crepe ribbon and find a gift in each layer. 

    The Midwest and South embraced them immediately  as they had  memories of homemade Surprise Balls from the 1950’s. This was my first experience where NY and LA took longer to spot a trend.  They soon did and the world fell in love with TOPS Malibu Surprize Balls. They were loved by adults and kids,  from a formal White House inauguration party to kids’ birthday parties.

    Our byline back in the 80’s was Spontaneity, Synchronicity and Smiles.“Too much information” an ad agency said. 

    Then Oprah put to words what I had been trying to say in too many words. “an Ahhaa! moment”

    People became interested in spirit, intuition  & most importantly connection. 

    We designed games: tea leaf reading with an international  dictionary of symbols and writing and conversation games to spark people’s interest in each other. 

    Fond Memories linger which is why now the children of our original customers are also buying TOPS Malibu for their families.

    We’ve created family memories that are being shared with the next generation and that is a great feeling.

    Thank you.


    Judy Walker 
    Founder, Designer, CEO TOPS Malibu


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