About Us

 TOPS Malibu features products that surprise, enliven conversation and awaken creative interaction

 "We seek to invent products that provoke thought, interaction, laughter and merriment,” Judy Walker, President and Designer of TOPS Malibu says. “We love when celebration is sparked, moments are shared and everyone is filled with awe and the spirit of connection. Wonderful memories are created. These special times are the inspiration for TOPS Malibu.”

  • Sparklers in the shapes of numbers & letters
  • Surprize Balls that unwind to reveal delightful vintage keepsakes,
  • Conversation Games to inspire connection
  • Wish Capsules to hide a secret or keep a promise, and more

Our products are designed for adults & kids alike.   Most of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A., lovingly handmade by artisans in Oregon. We’ve been hand-making products for over 30 years!

“At parties and gatherings, when you bring out a fun surprise, guests are momentarily caught off guard,” founder Judy Walker shares. “There’s a delicious moment where everyone connects in fun and laughter — the group becomes closer and shares great memories of their time together.”

Meet Founder & CEO, Judy Walker

Having grown up in Seattle with serious scientific, academic parents, Judy Walker loved putting on carnivals in her backyard and creating fun activities for the neighborhood kids. While her father was unwinding genetic code, she was busy unwinding surprise balls.

An inventive mind with a theatrical background, Judy moved to Malibu to pursue acting and especially enjoyed improvisational theater games. After opening TOPS Gallery, a successful gallery in Malibu that catered to an entertainment industry clientele, Judy began to invent her own products, including Good Fortune Candles®, Surprize Balls®, and marketing the first Bubbler Necklaces.

With Neiman Marcus and upscale Henri Bendel as her first clients, word spread and TOPS Malibu was soon called upon to create party favors for the Academy Awards, The Grammys, DreamWorks, Disney, Imagine Entertainment and even a Presidential Inauguration! Since then, TOPS Malibu has been featured in the media and has sold millions of products.

Judy is pleased that she has always made her products in the USA and enjoys making customized, personalized products for her customers. She works from her design studio on Kauai, Hawaii and products are made in Eugene, Oregon with a talented creative group of people.

“Thank you!” Judy adds. “Let the play begin!”



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