Intention Capsule Necklace - Silver

TOPS Malibu introduces the Intention Capsule Bracelet & Necklace.

We designed the new Intention Capsule line to provide a gentle daily reminder that our goals & wishes are valuable.  They can be worn as jewelry for men, women or kids. 

Write your intention, wish or goal on the paper scroll & place in the capsule. Wear closely, and as you succeed, write a new intention (3 paper scrolls included.)

Please contribute to the growing online community of successful intentions by posting a photo of your resolved intention scroll on Instagram with #IntentionCapsule.

The Intention Capsule jewelry line was designed by mother & son team, Judy & Jordan Walker, and are handmade in the USA.

Black or Tan cord.  Aluminum capsule or gold plated.

Intention Capsules are handmade in the USA.



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