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    What's Inside a Surprize Ball?

    The photo of what is inside Surprize Balls is for informational purposes only.

    There are 12 prizes hidden in a Deluxe Surprize Ball.

    6 keepsakes in a 3 inch Surprize Ball

    4 gifts in a Mini Surprize Ball

    Marvel in unraveling the element of surprise! Unwind layers of colorful crepe paper ribbons to discover keepsakes tucked carefully within these beautifully handmade surprise balls.

    Great gifts for adults & kids and hostess gifts for table top & guest entertainment.

    Surprize Balls contain a wide assortment of hidden prizes that vary by occasion or holiday. Our list is always growing as we make new finds & discoveries! All include a hidden good fortune for adults & kids.

    Prizes include :  Vintage style toys enjoyed by adults & children. Fortunes, sweets, fun games, gemstones, marbles, charms

    Items vary and may include:


    Confetti popper

    Fortune fish

    Clown nose

    Finger puppets

    Circus toys





    Rubber whoopee cushion

    Quirky souvenirs


    River rock gratitude stone

    Kukui  nuts tops from Hawaii

    Coral Hearts, from Tunnels beach in Kauai


    Metal wish capsule w/ scroll to write your wish & carry it with you

    Assorted semi-precious gemstones such as amethyst & rose quartz

    Confetti wish

    Crystal ball

    Good Fortune messages




    Old Fashioned Candy

    1950s Brass Charms

    Gold embossed foil images from German presses from the 1800s

    Temporary Tattoos


    Good Wish Tickets

    Much More!

    The 1950s originals were known as the “Toy you destroy to enjoy.”