The Story of Grande Surprize Cornucopia

Grande Cornucopias hold many of our TOPS Malibu products. 15-20 gifts vary & include: A Surprise Ball, Confetti fountain, Treasure Candle, Conversation Game, mini cone, Wish paper, Gemstones, Lucky pouch, Wish capsule necklace, Surprise! Popper card, Party horn, Giant balloon, butterfly confetti, crowns, icelights and more.

These enormous cones, (32" tall) are made by artisans at TOPS Malibu and intended for all ages. For centuries - German school children have received a huge cone with school supplies and other prizes for their first day of school. They are called Schultute. I heard about this Cone tradition from my mother, Gretel.  She actually was repeating this word Schultute as she was dying and I didn't know what she was talking about. I later understood why she spoke of this cone  from memories of her childhood with love and joy. I was encouraged to design something similar.

Our Grand Cornucopias are designed for all occasions & all ages. The Grand Cornucopia is reminiscent of being a child and receiving a great big pink cotton candy at the fair or watching a beauty queen receive an oversized bouquet of roses upon winning first place! It stands for an exclamation of joy!

Uses: Hang a Surprize Cornucopia from a door knob - ring the door bell and run away. It is the perfect impressive surprise present. Surprize Cornucopia make beautiful table centerpieces and party favors for the guest of honor and guests.

They are perfect for birthdays -  sending to a child in camp, all celebrations and occasions from bridal showers, baby showers  to weddings and anniversaries.

We gladly customize.

Thank you.



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