January 28, 2016


Vending Machine in Rockefeller Center in New York!

2018 April/May Brides Magazine Big Golden Heart Sparkler Wand
2017 Dec 11 HonestlyWTF.com Deluxe Surprize Ball Angel
2017 Spring/Summer PresentMagazine.com Mini Tabletop Pinata
2017 April/May Brides Magazine Confetti Fountains Gold & Silver
2017 Feb Bikini.com Valentine's Day Gift Guide Big Golden Sparkler Wands XO
2016 Dec 8 Recipris Big Golden Numbers & Star Sparklers
2016 Dec 7 CoolMomPicks.com Santa Deluxe Surprize Ball
2016 Nov 24 Food Network - Farmhouse Rules Big Golden Numbers Sparklers
2016 Nov RealSimple.com - Holiday Gift Guide Crystal Geode Surprise
2016 July 14 Inspiredbythis.com Numbers Sparklers
2016 Summer Domino Sparklettes & Deluxe Sparklers
2016 June 22 Laurenconrad.com Sparklettes
2016 June 100 Layer Cake DIY Resources Party Horns Bouquet
2016 May 30 Martha Stewart Weddings Big Golden Sparkler Wand Letter
2016 May 9 Pasadena Playhouse For the Party supplies
2016 May Country Living Big Golden Sparkler Wand Star
2016 April 6 Subscription Box Ramblings.com Magic Butterfly
2016 Feb 29 Deliniate your Dwelling Big Golden Numbers Sparkler
2016 Feb/Mar Brides Magazine Mini Letters Sparkler Card L-O-V-E
2016 Feb 17 DarlingDarleen.com Big Golden Numbers Sparklers
2016 Jan 27 Brocante Home Mini Surprize Balls Pastel
2016 Jan 25 Gift Shop Mag What's Hot for 2016 Mini Surprize Balls Multi Color in a Jar
2016 Jan Giftware News Mini Surprize Balls
2016 Jan 3 One Fab Day Confetti Pop! Big Golden Sparkler, Sparklettes, Numbers sparklers
2015 Dec Vogue.com Party Horns Bouquet, New Year Surprize Balls, Mini Gold Numbers Sparklers
2015 Dec 19 FlutterMag.com Gold Metallic Paper Crowns
2015 Dec Glamour Magazine Germany Sparkler Card Santa
2015 Nov Parents Magazine Conversation Game Talking Sticks
2015 Oct 20 Oh So Beautiful Paper Deluxe Halloween Surprise Ball & Halloween Sparklettes
2015 Aug Le Partie Sugar Wish Papers & Lucky Pouch
2015 Aug 21 Happily Ever Parker Big Golden Sparkler Wand & Confetti Fountian
2015 Aug 20 Gifts & Decorative Accessories Surprise!  Popper Card
2015 July Vogue Sparklettes & Big Golden Star Sparkler
2015 July InStyle Magazine Big Golden Star Sparkler
2015 June 11 EatDrinkChic.com Party Horns Bouquet
2015 May 6 The Knack Writing Games
2015 April 14 New York Post Treasure Fortune Candles
2015 April Hello Subscription.com Wish Papers
2015 April 5 Subscription Addiction Wish Papers
2015 April 1 Vogue Garden Vegetables Surprize Balls
2015 April 1 Romy & the Bunnies.com Deluxe Easter Surprize Balls
2015 Mar 17 The Charm it Spot.com Party's in the Mail Easter
2015 Mar 13 NBC New York Big Golden Sparkler Wand Heart
2015 Mar 2 Banana and Banani.com Magic Fire Sticks
2015 Feb 13 Cheap Chica's Guide to Style Mini Gold Heart Sparklers in Tube
2015 Feb 11 Fathom Mardi Gras Sparklettes
2015 Feb 2 Fashionable Hostess.com Big Golden Number & Heart Sparklers
2015 Jan 27 Life with the Champions.com Pop! Confetti Poppers
2015 Jan 25 Shop Sweet Life.com TOPS Malibu sparklers for birthday, graduation, & 4th of July
2015 Jan 24 The Queen of Swag.com Mini Gold Heart Sparklers
2015 Jan 20 InStyle Magazine Valentine Gift Guide - Mini Gold Heart Sparkler
2015 Jan 15 Outblush Fancy Pea Shooters
2015 Jan Carpe Diem Big Golden Letters Sparklers
2014 Dec 29 Oh So Beautiful Paper Big Golden Numbers Sparklers
2014 Dec 22 FabFitFun Surprize' Your Guests Party Enhancers by TOPS Malibu
2014 Dec 19 Houston Wedding Blog Big Golden Heart Sparklers
2014 Dec 16 Today Show "Under $10 Gift Guide"
2014 Dec Love Luck & Kisses.com New Year & various TOPS products
2014 Dec Vanity Fair Sparklers
2014 Dec Real Simple Magazine Big Golden Sparkler Wand Tree & Letters - XMAS
2014 Dec Southern Living Gift Guide Mini Surprise Balls Christmas & Snowball, Magic Yule Logs, Christmas Time Conversation Game
2014 Nov 29 Fox News National Surprize Ball
2014 Nov 24 Huffington Post Holiday Surprises
2014 Nov 22 Melissa Myers - Tastemaker & Lifestyle Expert Holiday Surprises
2014 Nov Gifts & Decorative Accessories Judy Walker, founder/designer of TOPS Malibu
2014 Nov Artslandia at the Performance Christmas Cornucopia
2014 Oct Cooking Light Deluxe Glitter Pennants Halloween
2014 Oct Baby Shower.com Big Golden Sparklers "B-O-O"
2014 Duff Goldman (Ace of Cakes Show)  
2014 Sept 22 The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Party Horns for Birthday
2014 Sept 15 TheHouseofKennedy.com Big Golden Numbers Sparklers
2014 Sept 2 Wizard Wars Deluxe Sparklers
2014 Aug 4 mothermag.com Cake Toppers:  Big Golden LOVE sparklers letters, Mini Golden numbers sparklers
2014 Aug This Makeup That Makeup Wish Capsules
2014 July 18 Outblush Big Golden Star Sparklers
2014 July 15 You are my Fave.com Mini Gold Numbers Sparklers & Sparklettes Brites
    Seek to be Merry (blog) Mini 4" Sparklers in Tube
                Oh Happy Day on Instagram Mini Golden Heart Sparklers
2014 July 2 InStyle Magazine Mini Golden Star Sparklers
2014 July 1 Style Blueprint Memphis Numbers Sparklers
2014 June 27 Le Parties Sugar.com Wish Papers
2014 May 27 Ceci Style Party Horns
2014 May 15 My Domain.com Sparklettes
2014 April 14 JacolynMurphy.com Surprise Cone Mini Carrot Surprise
2014 Mar 12 Paris Market Mini Surprise Balls & Mini Gift Boxes
2014 Mar Refinery 29 LOVE Sparklers fr Ruche by TOPS Malibu
2014 Feb 25 You are my Fave.com Big Golden Numbers Sparklers
2014 Jan 14 Dig this Jive.com Mini Gold Numbers Sparklers
2014 Jan Woman's World Magazine Treasure Candle Beeswax
2014 Desperate Housewives Surprize Ball featured as a clue
2013 Dec 12 CocoKelly Big Golden Star Sparklers
2013 Dec Virginia Pilot Sparkler Wand
2013 Dec Camille Styles Feature Mini Golden Star Sparklers
2013 Southern Living Star Sparklers
2013 Dec Southern Living Sparkler Letters: Joy, Noel, Cheer; Big Star Wands, Mini Gold Sparklers 4-pack & Celebrate
2013 Dec Gifts & Decorative Accessories Sparkler Hearts in Tube
2013 Nov 14 1859 Oregon Magazine.com Confetti Fountain, Numbers Sparklers
2013 Fall The Knot Confetti Fountain
2013 Oct 1859 - Oregon Magazine Many TOPS Products
2013 Oct Gift & Decorative Accessories        
2013 Aug 19 OhSoBeautifulPaper.com Sparklers, Surprize Balls, candles
2013 Aug US Weekly Surprize Ball
2013 July 29 Jamila St Julien.com Big Golden Letters Sparklers
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2013 July InStyle Magazine Big Golden Sparkler Wand Star & Mini Star Sparklers in Tube
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2013 May Annie’s Treasure Trove Surprize Balls
2013 April 21 My Momma Told Me (blog) TOPS products
2013 Feb 5 Ceci Style Party Horns
2013 Jan Exquisite Wedding Magazine Laguna Beach Confetti Fountain
2013 San Francisco Magazine Mini Star Sparklers
2013 United Press Featuring Judy Walker as designer of may innovative products:  Fancy Pea Shooters, Surprize Balls, Surprise Cornucopica & more
2012 Dec 28 My San Antonio Surprize Balls
2012 Dec 28 Amarillo Globe News Fancy Pea Shooters, Confetti Pop!, Surprize Balls
2012 Dec 23 Lake City Reporter Surprize Balls, Fancy Pea Shooters, Confetti Pop!
2012 Dec 19 Yahoo News Fancy Pea Shooters, Confetti Pop!, Surprize Balls, Sparklers, Wish Capsule Necklace
2012 Dec Metro Newspaper (NY, Philadelphia, Boston) Confetti Pops! Sparklettes
2012 Dec Gift & Decorative Accessories Gold Heart Sparklers
2012 Dec Vail Valley Magazine LuluBelle's Sparkler Wands
2012 Nov Colorado Vail Valley Magazine Numbers Sparklers
2012 Nov Brides Magazine Big Golden LOVE Sparklers, Sparklettes
2012 Nov Oeufle Blog Assorted Products
2012 Nov Dandy Camille Entertaining Edibles
2012 July 4 The Art of Weddings PDX.com
2012 July 3 Ceci Style Sparklettes Silver & Gold
2012 July Bust Magazine Glitter Pennants
2012 June 6 The Floral Society Wish Papers & Fancy Pea Shooters
2012 May The Today Show Grande Cornucopia
2012 April Babble.com Party Supplies
2012 Feb 27 You are my Fave.com
2012 Feb Style Me Pretty LOVE Sparklers
2012 NBC Philadelphia Cupcake Surprize Balls
2011 HomeMaker2Words Detroit Free Press Confetti Poppers
    Busy Bee Valentines Surprize Cornucopia
2011 Edgell Communications Halloween Pennants & Tags
2011 November 22 Cupcakes & Cutlery Thanksgiving Surprize Balls & Wish Paper
2011 November Woman's Day Thanksgiving Surprize Balls
2011 October HKW Design TOPS Malibu for Party Supplies
2011 October Greetings Etc. Halloween Surprises
2011 Autumn Mingle Magazine Miniature Sparklers
2011 August Ceci Style Surprize Balls
2011 April Mrs. Lilien Confetti Fountain
2011 April One Charming Party Number Sparkler
2011 April A Girl Named Bong Surprize Balls
2011 April BB Photo Flash Number Sparkler
2011 March Wedding Bells Party Fringe
2011 February The Original Pocket Surprize Balls
2011 February Haute Blue B Number Sparkler
2011 January Camile Styles Festive Party Horns
2011 January The Sweetest Occasion Party Horns
2011 January Simplesong Assortment of products
2011 January Swap Bot Tops Malibu
2011 January Party Resources Party Horns
2010 December InStyle Magazine Surprize Balls Celebrate
2010 December Mrs. Lilien Party Horns
2010 November Southern Living Love Sparklers
2010 November Woman's Day Surprize Balls
2010 November Happy Cute Family Surprize Balls
2010 November Katy Shops Surprize Balls
2010 November TheGrommet.com TOPS Surprises, Sparks, & Splendor
2010 October Alpha Mom Surprize Balls
2010 August Busy Bee Lifestyle Surprize Balls
2010 August The Frugal Style Sparklers
    The 10 Show - busybeelifestyle.com Cupcake Surprize Balls
2010 Summer Stationery Trends Surprize Cornucopia
2010 July Southern Living Miniature Star Sparklers
    Cookie Magazine - 100 Best Birthdays Number Sparklers
2010 July Holidash Mini Sparklers
2010 June The Couture Contessa Pasta Time
2010 February Sugar and Charm Mini Sparklers
2009 Martha Stewart Weddings Confetti Fountain
2009 November The Crabtastic Surprize Balls
2009 November Palm Beach Newspaper Surprize Cornucopia
2009 Fall Martha Stewart Weddings Confetti Fountain
2009 August Gifts and Decorative Accessories Cornucopias
2009 July Martha Stewart Weddings Mini Gold Star Sparkler
2009 May Parents Magazine Pennants
2008 July Not Martha Surprize Balls
2008 April hiekkaolii vuodatus Surprize Balls
2007 June Wedding Bee Surprize Balls
2007 April Junior Society Surprize Balls
2006 December NBC's ivillage.com Resolution Capsule, New Years Pennant & Surprize Ball
2006 November Fancy Food News Bytes Surprize Balls (Bami Balls)
2006 July/August Brides Magazine Heart & Number Sparklers
2006 February Country Living Magazine Heart Shaped Tags
2006 December Country Living Magazine Holiday Decorations, Surprize Balls (Bami Balls), Pennants, Tags
2005 December Party & Paper Retailer Surprize Balls, Confetti Eggs & Hollywood Co Stars
2005 December Artist's Sketchbook Holiday Guide Magic Brush
2005 December Country Home Magazine Party Horns & Confetti Fountains
2005 November Party & Paper Retailer Sparkler Wands
2005 October InStyle Magazine Paper Flag Pennants
2005 October Mary Englebreit's Home Companion Halloween Pennants
2005 October Gift & Decorative Accessories Pasta Time
2005 August/September Party & Paper Retailer Candy Lei
2005 The Academy Awards Party Favors
2005 Grammy Awards Sparkler Gift Tags
2005 Fall Greetings Etc. Judy's Surprise Party!
2005 January Portland Monthly Mystery Capsules
2005 May Food Channel Ice Lights, Candy Lei & Surprize Ball (Bami Ball)
2005 Dallas Morning News (Home & Garden) 4th of July
2005 July First for Women Magazine, Bauer Publishing 4th of July Sparklers
2005 February Modern Bride Butterfly Confetti
2005 Spring Modern Bride Sparklers & Tags
2005 December/January Mary Englebreit's Home Companion Hanukkah Surprizes
2005 December/January House Beautiful Holiday Tags, Party Tags
2004 November Country Home Magazine Deluxe Sparklers Celebrate, Original Sparklers, Sparklettes
2004 November/December Greetings Etc. Wedding Surprize Ball (Bami Ball)
2004 October New Age Magazine Preparing for the Holidays - Surprize Balls (Bami Balls) Jewish Celebrations, Christmas
2004 August Gift & Decorative Accessories Sparkler Gift Tags
    Orange County TV Show Greeting Garland
2004 Halloween Mary Englebreit's Home Companion Candy Lei, Halloween Pennants
2004 February Better Homes & Gardens Paper Chains
2004 January/February Bridal Guide Pennants
2003 November Gift & Decorative Accessories Confetti Eggs
2003 October Mary Englebreit's Home Companion Halloween Tags
2003 October Gift & Decorative Accessories Surprize Ball Celebrate Romance (Bami Ball)
2003 July Specialty Report Loteria Game
2004 June/July Mary Englebreit's Home Companion Confetti Popper Fountain, Sparkler Mondo
2003 Arizona Republic Your Essential Style Sparklettes
2003 July Country Living Magazine LuluBelles Sparkler Wands
2003 March Greetings Etc. Greeting Garland
2002 July/August Country Home Magazine Greeting Garland Americana
2002 January Mary Englebreit's Home Companion Tag A Longs
2002 January Specialty Retail Spotlights
2002 Gift & Decorative Accessories Love Sparklers
      Cincinnati Enquirer Greeting Garland
      Bridal Guide Game Note Coasters
      New York Magazine Surprize Balls
      E Entertainment Bami Ballen & Spotlights
      Cosmo Girl Spotlights
      InStyle Magazine Tea Leaf
      Jay Leno Show Ice Lights
      Seventeen Hip Pocket Matchbook Games
      Good Morning America    
      Home Show by InStyle    
1990 June 28 LA Times Bubble Blower
      NY Times    
      Ricki Lake Show    
      Architectural Digest    
      Bride Magazine    
      Chicago Times    
      Dallas Morning News    
      100 Layer Cake Party Horns
      Le Divan Fumoir Bohémien Surprize Balls
      The Diaper Bag Diaries Tops Malibu
      Cupcakes and Cutlery Sparklers, Thanksgiving Surprize Ball, Wish Paper
    Presidential Inauguration Party    
    Academy Awards    
    Emmy Awards    

Flying Magic® Butterfly meets haute couture

Surprise!  You never know where Flying Magic® Butterfly will show up next.  This week it's in a design studio where high fashion meets innovation.  We think your Valentine would love to be surprised by some Flying Magic® Butterflies tucked into a card, a book, a laptop, or ???!  The best part:  use it over & over again by just rewinding.

Dharma Wease
Dharma Wease