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    Elf, Santa Design Creations become Works of Art at TOPS Malibu workshop

    Fresh from our TOPS Malibu workshop are our new Elf Surprize Balls, Santa Surprize Ball, and Olde World Ornament Surprize Balls.

    In May, Judy wrote about her enjoyment of designing in the Kauai greenhouse studio.   She came up with the Deluxe Elf and Santa Surprize Balls.  Today,  we are marketing her new designs.  Samples were sent to the Trade Shows and orders have  already been taken for Christmas & Holiday sales.
    At our Eugene, Oregon workshop, local artisans perfect the designs, assemble and decorate the Surprize balls for customers.  We don't work on assembly lines; each ball is handcrafted, wrapped one at a time, layer by layer, then an artist decorates a group of about 30 balls, carefully adding  each face and other decorations to the ball.  The process of making one Surprize Ball is truly a work of art!  -Staff Writer                                                                                                                                       

     We are proud to be a Made in the USA company that crafts products this old fashioned way.