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    Being in the moment on Christmas day

    On Christmas morning – I walked into the living room – alone in the early hours. Quiet, wanting to make this a special day for my daughter Coco and her husband Alex before they move back to Venice Ca. The first thought I had was the sound of a little sterling silver bell we used to sell at TOPS gallery in the 1980s. I hadn’t thought about that bell in 30 years. I used to have a bell wand with a black obsidian handle and also another I wore around my neck. 

    It was a Tinkerbell sound, a magical transforming sound-signifying to me the awesomeness of life. I used to ring that little bell for Coco when she was a baby. I used to make that sound sprinkle like fairy dust around her little being.

    I wished that I could make that sound for Loretta, my grand daughter on her first Christmas and once again for her mom Coco. Dreamily I pondered how I would find that bell again. Would the company still make it? What was it called?

    It was a moment and then the thought flew away as easily as it had come in.

    Several hours later, Coco’s friends Melissa and Jackson walked in the door and she was wearing the silver bell. The same sterling silver bell.

    “Chicken skin” as they say in Hawaii.

    She had received it as a gift years earlier and had just found it again one week ago.It may have come from TOPS. It was from the 1980s or early 90s.

     How? Why? When? Who began this chain of events coming forward from so long ago?Did Melissa find it because I was going to think about it? Did I think about it because Melissa was going to walk into the door with it? There are so many possibilities. Time seems to travel back and forth…. Here and there.

     Life is grand and the unknown is haunting, What are the logical explanations?When will we understand more about clairvoyancy and the spirit paths that connect us?

    What was Steve Jobs doing when he thought up the I phone?

     Merry Christmas.