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    Celestial Chime Pendant

    Handmade by the same silversmith we first discovered in the 1980s, this Celestial Chime Pendant has a calming effect & is made of German Silver.  

    Wear and listen to the chime's meditative song, giving a feeling of tranquility & peace. 

    This pendant is a most wonderful gift to be cherished and passed down. I had one in the 1980s and showered my daughter with musical tinkles. Now she has one and is playing the sound with her daughter. 

    Other purpose: Women in some cultures wear them throughout their pregnancy.  The soft chiming sound is audible to the unborn baby & is said to soothe the unborn baby and have calming benefits to the mother.  Later, the necklace is shortened & the baby plays with it during breast feeding. The soothing sound of the ball will gently rock the baby to sleep.

    Original Celestial Chime Pendant  (assorted colors ribbon; please specify on checkout Notes if you have a preference)


    Enjoy!  Peace.